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Don St john

Studio Times

  • Monday 12:30 am - 11:30 pm (CST)
  • Tuesday 12:30 am - 11:30 pm (CST)
  • Wednesday 12:30 am - 11:30 pm (CST)
  • Thursday 12:30 am - 11:30 pm (CST)
  • Friday 12:30 am - 11:30 pm (CST)
  • Saturday 12:30 am - 11:30 pm (CST)
  • Sunday 12:30 am - 11:30 pm (CST)

Don St. John
Articulate, Conversational, Guy Next-Door, Pro, Deep Voice, Powerful

  • Delivery in 1 Hour

About me:

I am a professional voice actor / film actor that has many credits for TV, Radio, Podcasts, Live Performance and for many other outlets. I am interested in speaking with you to see if I can assist you in any project that you may need.
Please feel free to listen to my commercial demo. I also have a movie trailer demo available upon your request.
Many current and former clients include GE, Chevy, Deloitte US and abroad, Ticketmaster, Twitter and many more, including voicemail, IVR phone systems.
I look forward to discussing with you all of the possibilities of what I am confidant, that I can do for you. I bring many talents and skills to the table and am sure together, that we can make a project shine!

Over 10 years as a professional voice over artist and actor

Additional Services Include
Full production of commercials that include music and sound effects that are second to none

Radio Imaging

Holiday Commercials

Special Announcements that include birthday’s, weddings, engagements, business presentations and others

OSHA / Safety Training Video Voice Over

Sport related voice overs

Voice mail

IVR Computer Prompts / Voicemail messaging


Broadcast and non-broadcast commercials

Story Telling

Audio Books



Mobil apps and games
Most projects are done within 24 hours with a fast and accurate turnaround.

Don has done a variety of projects utilizing his voice in many styles and forums. Some of his clients include General Electric (GE), Chevrolet, Deloitte, The Penthouse Club, Let’s Get It On Promotions, NWL Corp., Time Warner and many others.
Some of these projects include and are not limited to Corporate Training, Video Voice-Overs, Safety Video’s, Narration, Promo’s, Radio Commercials, Radio Imaging, Internet Video’s, E-Learning, Audio Books, Tutorials, Television, Pro Boxing, Pro Mixed Martial Arts, Pro Wrestling, College Basketball, Semi-Pro Football, IVR Prompt’s, On-Hold Messaging and more.

Don’s voice has been described as conversational, friendly, approachable, soothing, relaxed, guy next door, high energy, deep, cool, sincere, professional, corporate, sophisticated, educational, authoritative, knowledgeable, urgent, soft sell, hard sell, promo, understandable, rough, tough and authentic.

John Hamm, Sam Elliot, Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ozzy Osbourne, David Lee Roth, Bevis and Butthead, Optomus Prime, Batman, Pinky and the Brain and many others.

Has been cast for ages
30’s, 40’s, and 50’s (25-55).

Don has done a wide variety of jobs that include but is not limited to: Talking Toys, Animation, Characters, Super Hero’s, Explainer Videos, Public Speaking, Medical, Mobil App, Gaming, Telephone Prompts and others.

Don’s voice has been described by some as powerful, resonant, distinguished, deep, rough, edgy, energetic, relaxed, believable, approachable, sexy, announcer ish if needed but conversational when the project calls for it.

Don’s delivery is clearly understandable and believable – said by his most recent client.

State-of-the art studio with high quality hardware, software and production.

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Script Duration and Prices:

:05 :15 :30 1:00 1:30 2:00 Min 3-5 Min 5-10 Min 10-15 Min 15-30 Min 30-60 Min
$30 $54 $78 $108 $150 $180 $264 $420 $630 $870 $1140

My Voice Styles

  • Announcer Voice
  • British Accents
  • Car Spots
  • Character Voices
  • Commercials
  • Concert Voices
  • Conversational
  • Deep Voice
  • Guy Next Door
  • High Impact
  • Holiday Theme
  • Informercials
  • Movie Trailers
  • Narrations
  • Political Spots
  • Warm & Friendly
  • Young Sounding

My Languages

  • English

My Accents

  • British
  • Italian
  • Southern
  • Urban

My Other Voices

Movie Trailer